With Results Like These:

"I am so happy I invested in myself to make a change I so desperately want."

"...allowed me to get closer to my goals and provided guidance and a road map to do so."

"You have helped give me tools to be able to navigate a new landscape and be successful."

It's No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About Our Unique Approach to Changing Careers!



You know you can’t go on much longer in a job that makes you feel bored, unseen, frustrated, tired, uninspired, unfulfilled...and the list goes on. All you want is to find some meaning and purpose in your work while also having the flexibility you need as a working mom. But even thinking about how to change your career gives you a massive headache.

➤ You used to love work and aren't sure why it's so different now.

You can't pinpoint what's making you so unhappy but something isn't right.

What used to get you excited now feels unimportant.

You've grown and evolved but your work hasn't.

You have a dream but it seems way too unrealistic.

You have other responsibilities in your life now (hello, kids) and those trump work.

You've been needing to make a change for a long time, but aren't sure where to start.

➤ You have no idea what you even want to be doing.

Did You Nod Your Head at Almost All of These?

If So, the Cycle Ends NOW.  It's Time to Make a Change!

and that change is the:

A Career Transformation

Group Program

This program gives you a step-by-step master plan (and total support) to help you find and start your dream career, fast.

It's for moms who know they want to work for a company.

(if you want to start your own business or already own a business, click here)

✓   Receive guidance and feedback directly from program creator and career coach, Kelli Anderson

✓   Collaborate and get support from moms in similar situations

✓  Figure out what you're meant to be doing with 8 specialized lessons that will help you discover what's important to you and why

✓  Once you know your direction, create a solid, pain-free plan to get you to your goal...your dream career (we'll walk you through the simple process)

  A plan is nothing without acting on it so you'll check off each step, one-by-one, and learn how to build your confidence at the same time


Go From Feeling Stuck in Your Current Work Situation (With No Real End in Sight) to Having a Clear Path Forward and Total Confidence!

You get to choose your direction. Which route will you take?

Moms typically put themselves at the bottom of the priority list. They give excuse after excuse about why they can't invest time, energy, and money into their happiness and growth. That may be where you are at this very moment. But you can change. You're about to push through those uncomfortable feelings of self-doubt, guilt, and limiting beliefs and take an amazing leap in the right direction. Saying yes to being happy in your career will be the BEST thing you do for yourself and your family this year. 


Learn the Simplest, Quickest, and Most Effective Way to Love Your Career With a Step-by-Step Master Plan That Gives You Total Support and Reduces Overwhelm and Guilt.

If You're Sick of...


✓ Dreading the alarm clock in the morning because your anxiety is so high when you go to work

 Feeling like you’re sprinting on a hamster wheel that is dizzying and exhausting

 Doing work that feels meaningless in the whole scheme of life 

 Knowing your work doesn't impact the people, places, and things that are important to you

 Having a short fuse with those you love because work stole all your energy

 Always being in a bad mood and wondering where your happiness went


...FROM STUCK TO FULFILLED: A Career Transformation Group Program is the answer you've been searching for to get you out of feeling unhappy and into your dream career!


This program gives you an easy, step-by-step master plan (and total support and guidance) that will take you from frustrated and clueless about what’s next for you to seamlessly checking the boxes off of your career change roadmap (aka finding your dream job)...OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Reminder:  This is for women who know they want to work for someone else (if you want to start your own business or already own a business, click here).

The live coaching part of the program lasts 4 weeks. However, you can go at your own pace as you work through the course because you have lifetime access to it. The amount of time to dedicate to this program is up to you. 

  You'll be given access to a hub that will house your self-paced course materials and the community portal of other moms going through the program with you.

  Kelli Anderson, Career & Mindset Coach and the creator of this program will be there to guide you and offer feedback every step of the way. She'll even introduce you to her vast network of professionals to help you get ahead.

  Kelli will hold weekly Zoom calls to discuss a topic related to your mindset around changing careers. Think imposter syndrome, self-confidence, self-sabotage, etc. These are all critical components of getting your dream job and Kelli will help you tackle each one. She'll also spend time answering your questions. This is your time to take advantage of working directly with the expert... Kelli normally only works this closely with her high-paying 1:1 clients. (Calls will be recorded if you can't attend).

  Detailed self-discovery exercises that guide you through exactly how to figure out what you’re meant to be doing in the next chapter of your work life (even if you literally have NO idea right now)!

  A master workbook and plug-&-play templates will help you design a plan of action that works for you with limited thinking required. The result? You’ll be on your way to your dream career!

   Keep track of the progress you’ve made on your plan and hold yourself accountable with our customized planning template, complete with deadlines and easy to manage to-dos!

   Kick doubt to the curb as you learn the secret to boosting your confidence so you can walk into your dream job with zero limiting beliefs and no imposter syndrome!

  You'll be supported through your career change journey by like-minded moms going through the same thing. Share ideas, ask questions, brainstorm, and network with one another by posting on our private discussion board.



Use this easy-to-follow workbook that will guide you through every single lesson within the program.  You can keep everything related to your career change in this spot, making it easy to keep track of your progress.  Type (or voice to text) directly inside your workbook and customize it to fit you. 

MODULE 1: Figure Out What You're Meant to Be Doing

You'll work through this module at your own pace and use the community discussion board to ask questions, brainstorm with other moms, and get Kelli's feedback on everything that's racing through your mind. By the time you finish the eight exercises, you'll have total clarity on what you're meant to be doing. 

The self-discovery exercises are:

✓  Find total clarity

✓  Decide your real why (it's probably not what you think)

✓  Design your day

✓  Strengths time (I know, it's those damn strengths...but you have them, I promise!)

✓  Get lost

  Vivid vision (your imagination at its finest)

✓  Look back

  Decision time

MODULE 2: Create a Plan to Get There

Now that you know what you're meant to be doing it's time to use this module to develop your plan to get there (your dream job blueprint). Continue talking to your fellow moms within our community and pick Kelli's brain on your plan.

The exercises in this module are:


✓  Start with the end in mind

✓  Match it up (so much goodness is this ONE lesson)

✓  Gaps (this exercise will help you crush your resume goals)

✓  Roadmapping (watch your plan easily come to life with our easy to use template)

MODULE 3: Take Action on the Plan

Now comes the most important part.  You have clarity on your direction and the plan in place to get there. But a direction and plan are nothing if you don't take action on them. We'll work together to build your confidence as you start checking those boxes off one by one. Our community of other moms is paramount during this time for encouragement and celebration.

The exercises in this module are:

✓  Small steps = big results (plus the secret tools and strategies all job-seekers must have)

✓  Act as-if (it really works and may be the most important part of your career change puzzle)



Kelli Anderson, MEd

As a Career & Mindset Coach and the Founder of Mindset Mamas, Kelli is focused on helping driven moms leave unsatisfying jobs and start wildly fulfilling careers. She's a mom of two young boys, a copywriter and gymnastics coach. Kelli loves the job search process (unlike most) and is grateful to have finally found her purpose: to help other mommies be happy (as told by her 3 year old).

Why you can no longer afford to stay in a job that makes you feel unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and unhappy:


➤ Your family deserves the best version of you and you're currently not able to give them that

➤ You'll continue giving so much time to your work with nothing but dissatisfaction to show for it, leading you down a miserable path.

 Your energy will keep depleting, day by day, because you can only handle the feeling of being stuck for so long

 This time next year, 365 days from now, you will feel so frustrated that you didn't say "YES!" today because you'll still be doing the same job, while feeling even more stuck and lost

 Someone else is desperately waiting for you to figure out what you're meant to be doing so your gift can help them

Here's what other women are saying about the program...

"This whole process and experience was a great one. I am so happy I invested in myself to make a change I so desperately want and am ready for. You have allowed me to get closer to my goals and have provided guidance and a road map to do so. You have helped give me tools to be able to navigate a new landscape and be successful. You are so kind, knowledgeable, and have helped me move toward my goals quickly and effectively."


The more I think about how much more possible my shift towards self-employment is becoming, the more doors are opening for me and my dream. I’m so happy and so grateful to be working with Kelli. She’s made me realize I had the willpower to power through intensely and ride the high vibe times, see things in steps and really focus on the parts that matter, and move forward. We are in week 3 of 6!!! That’s it!!! We still have 3 more! I can’t even begin to express how lucky I am to have come across Mindset Mamas’ services and acted on the pull of scheduling a call with Kelli. YOU WON’T REGRET IT. "


"Hello Kelli - To have everything completed is awesome...The weight is lifted, to say the least. I really do appreciate your patience and dedication throughout the process with me."


"You have changed my life."

-Dr. Zee


If hitting the buy button feels a bit uncomfortable for you, that’s normal (and perfectly ok). It’s why we’ve got you covered.

You may be sitting here thinking, “A complete career change and happiness in my life? This feels too good to be true.” I get it. To go from where you are right now to where I’m saying you can get to may feel a little unreal at the moment.

But, it’s not. And to prove it, I’m offering a 30-day money back guarantee. That means, if you take 4 weeks, try your best by going through each lesson and completing the workbook, use Kelli and the other moms in this program for support, and you have made no progress toward your dream career...I’ll give you your money back. Just email me at [email protected] and we’ll refund your investment (and let you keep the course).

And because I want you to not just figure out what you’re meant to be doing, get your plan in place and take action on it...I ACTUALLY WANT YOU TO GET THE DREAM JOB...I’m giving you 3 additional gifts!


High Impact Resume Template

You get access to my best resume template that I use with my top-tier resume revision clients to get their resume to the top of the pile.

Use your master workbook to easily and quickly fill in the template with your impactful experience. This template is perfect for those who HATE updating their resume.


A $300 VALUE!


The #1 Cover Letter and Email Template

Our world is changing and that means how we apply for jobs is different. Uploading your resume and a generic cover letter just won’t cut it anymore.

Learn how to use my cover letter template to make you stand out to hiring managers with your own unique messaging. Update and tailor it to each job you apply to within minutes. I’ll also show you how to take this differentiator and send it directly to hiring managers. Press send and wait for responses!

A $200 VALUE!


LinkedIn Profile Template

It's tough to figure out the ever-changing LinkedIn algorithm. This template is proven to take you from not much action to a plethora of networking opportunities on the #1 platform where professionals hang out.

It will take you through each section of your profile and explain how to write compelling copy that makes you stand out to hiring managers. And you won't have to go searching for them. They'll find you because you've strategically positioned yourself.

A $300 VALUE!


When you join the From Stuck to Fulfilled: A Career Transformation Course, you’ll receive instant access to everything you need to kick-start your career change, including:

✓  4 weeks of total support from moms going through the same process and Career & Mindset Coach, Kelli Anderson (also the creator of this program).

✓  A community portal so you can get feedback and brainstorm with the group.

✓  Weekly Zoom calls with Kelli to work through mindset issues like self-confidence, imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, etc., and ask questions that come up during the week (usually reserved for her highest-paying 1:1 clients).

✓  The self-paced course with three main modules and 14 step-by-step lessons to take you from “I have no clue what I want to do” to “I’m confidently on my way to my dream career”!

✓  A master workbook that keeps everything related to your career change organized in one place, minimizing overwhelm and helping you realize you can do this.

✓  8 exercises that will help you through the pain-free self-discovery process so you can figure out what you really want to be doing in your career (and what will bring you fulfillment and meaning).

✓  Templates for 4 tactical activities that will help you further define your path and then create your plan to get to your dream career (and finally bring happiness your way).

✓  Easy to do mindset changes you can make to feel confident in your transition.

✓  Bonus 1: High-impact Resume Template (a $300 value) that makes resume revisions easy peasy.

✓  Bonus 2: The #1 Cover Letter and Email Template (a $200 value) that will set you apart from other candidates and have hiring managers reaching out to you directly.

✓  Bonus 3: LinkedIn Profile Template that will make you show up when hiring managers are looking for people like you.

✓  Total clarity

✓  A path forward

✓  The ability to make your dream career a reality!

And so much more!

This makes everything you get well over $5,000. You get it all 
today for just $997!





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