What is self-care and is it really possible for busy working moms?

self improvement self-care working mom working mother May 26, 2020
What is self-care and is it really possible for busy working moms?

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This post will benefit you if you want to incorporate self-care into your life but have no idea how to fit it in as a busy working mom.



PR executive, Kate, struggles with wanting to work her way up the corporate ladder and still be a great mom.


Psychiatrist, Anne, struggles with a defiant daughter and having to make a tough choice about the future of her family.


Real Estate Agent, Frankie, struggles with postpartum depression and has completely lost herself.


Tech employee, Jenny, struggles with her relationship and a sense of identity.


What’s the one thing all of these moms have in common? Besides being part of the cast of the hit Netflix series, Workin’ Moms, they are each working moms who are struggling. The cast portrays the lives of so many working moms who are trying their best but seem to take one step forward and two steps back.

As I was staying up way too late binge-watching season one of Workin’ Moms I realized the show was just the self-care I needed. And while it made me feel better to have 30 minutes of time to myself after my family was long asleep, it didn’t take long to realize none of these Workin’ Moms were practicing self-care themselves.

It was interesting to watch their lives ebb and flow throughout the season as they navigated situations we all deal with as working moms. I imagine even 10 minutes of self-care would have helped these ladies, but let’s face it; moms are known for putting themselves at the end of the priority list.


What so many don’t realize is not practicing self-care and prioritizing yourself is the biggest mistake you can make as a mom. You and your family NEED you to be well.

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Workin’ Moms Season 4 just debuted and I highly recommend catching up on the other seasons when you can. If that means a 30-minute episode while cooking dinner, during naps, or while you’re taking a bath, do yourself a favor and invest some of your self-care time into watching this show. The real-life, yet comical lives these working moms are living will make you feel like you’re not so alone.

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