Is all-natural skincare really worth it?

self-care Sep 09, 2019
Primally Pure all-natural skincare products

An inside look at Primally Pure


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This post will benefit you if you’re looking for an easy way to start incorporating better skincare practices into your daily routine.





A few months ago I got to thinking. Like many women, I was wondering what I was really putting on my face each morning and evening when I thought I was cleaning it. You hear about all the chemicals in the products we put on our skin, and it was making me uneasy. I had an interest in finding a skincare routine that was more natural, but, honestly, had no clue where to start. 

Per usual, I was listening to one of Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcasts and she mentioned her face care routine. She made the switch when she was trying to get (and stay) pregnant. Jenna mentioned this company, Primally Pure, and I was curious. I read more about her story and decided to try Primally Pure for myself.


Taking baby steps

While I would love to be “all natural” in every aspect of my skincare routine, it’s not feasible to overhaul everything at once. I decided to start with my face—more specifically, cleansing my face.

As I continued my research, it made sense why Primally Pure was getting so many positive reviews. The company is known for using pure, simple ingredients in all of their products. When you read their labels, they’re short and you’ve probably heard of what’s in them. Primally Pure uses #natureissmarterthanscience all around social media because they believe we were meant to use what’s already here on our planet.

I started with just three products. I was using Aveeno face cleanser and moisturizer and was able to hand any extra off to my husband! Using Jenna’s recommendation, I ordered:



Cleansing Oil (Normal Skin)



Primally Pure’s Cleansing OiI is one of a kind. Before a few months ago I had never used oil to get rid of oil. But it works like magic! I use the one for normal skin, but they have dry and oily skin options, too. I only use the cleanser at night and spend about a minute massaging it into my face and neck. Then, I use a very warm washcloth to remove the dirt and oil from my face.


Click here to view or purchase this product.


Lavender Complexion Mist



After my face is dry I use the Lavender Complexion Mist. By just spraying 4-5 mists I’m able to instantly hydrate my skin. In the morning this is the only product I use. I’ll rinse my face with cold water, dry it, and spray the Complexion mist a few times. I’m good to go for the day! 


Click here to view or purchase this product.


Palmarosa + Mint Beauty Cream



The third step is to use the Palmarosa + Mint Beauty Cream. Once my face is dry from the Complexion Mist, I use just a little bit of the Beauty Cream and rub it all over my face and neck. It feels like silk and moisturizes like crazy, while reducing the bags under my eyes. 


Click here to view or purchase this product.


Learn the easiest way to use these three face cleansing products together in this video.


I’m a big Lavender fan, so I was happy to see that they use it in their products. And I scored a Lavender Lip Balm for FREE as part of a promotion! 


The unboxing experience

I remember being so excited to get my first order. I opened the box and (I’m not joking) it smelled like I was in a spa. When that’s your first impression, you know the rest is just icing on the cake. And it really was—every part of my experience with Primally Pure has been nothing short of spectacular.


Here’s what I love about my new cleansing routine:

  • It’s easy
  • It doesn’t break the bank
  • It truly feels like a spa experience
  • My skin feels healthy


I also recently started using their Dry Shampoo. I seem to be washing my hair less and less these days (hello, mom life) and have heard those scary stories about the chemical-filled products that are on the shelf today. I’ve been really happy with the results of this new dry shampoo.


Moving into makeup

I’ve been using Urban Decay’s Naked product line for a while now. I’m a fan, and they are cruelty-free when it comes to animals. But I would like my makeup to be more natural, so I recently ordered a few Beauty Counter products and will try those when my old makeup is gone (update coming soon).


What I plan to try next

Primally Pure has more than just products for your face. I recently ordered their Nature Spray (Mosquito Repellent) and can’t wait to try it on Owen (those mosquitos think he’s so sweet). I also plan to buy their famous deodorant that gets unbelievable reviews. If only I didn’t have a Costco-sized bundle of Degree waiting to be used.


Have you heard of dry brushing? Apparently it’s amazing for your circulation and lymphatic system, along with exfoliating. I will grab Primally Pure’s Dry Brush soon. And I’d like to start with as many all-natural products as possible for our new baby. Primally Pure has a baby care line I’m interested in exploring.


How can you get started going all-natural?

As I mentioned earlier, there's no need to go crazy on purchasing every all-natural skincare product on the market—and certainly not all at once. My recommendation is to start with just a few products that interest you. If Primally Pure sounds like it may be your kind of company, I would get the three face cleansing products I talk about above (and snag your free lip balm if you can). 


To make it easy on you, here’s where you can order all three:

Cleansing OiI

Lavender Complexion Mist

Palmarosa + Mint Beauty Cream


And when you make your first order from Primally Pure, if you use code: MINDSET10 you’ll get 10% off! 


Once you’re hooked on these options move onto the next part of your routine. You can try some new makeup (I’ll do a full review on Beauty Counter once I get a good feel for what I purchased from them). Or, look into changing your deodorant, hair, or body products. As I get more familiar with what’s out there and my favorites, I’ll write an update post.

So, the title of this post asks if all-natural skincare is worth it. I will say after my experience with Primally Pure these last few months, absolutely, yes! My skin feels healthier, and my breakouts are non-existent (and that’s with all those pregnancy hormones, too). I’ll slowly keep moving in this direction and see what else I can replace in my daily self-care routine.


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Interested in making the switch to all-natural skincare or have certain products that you love? Send me a note directly.





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