The perfect podcasts for working moms with personal development goals

personal development podcasts professional development working mom Jun 18, 2020
The perfect podcasts for working moms with personal development goals

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This post will benefit you if you want to work on your personal development but aren’t sure where to start. It will also help you save time by listening when you’re doing other things like folding laundry, driving, or making dinner.



I admit that I was pretty late to the game when it came to podcasts. I just started listening to them last year, and realized I was really missing out! Since podcasting has become the thing to do, there are endless options available on all kinds of topics. And if you’re a working mom that struggles to find time to work on herself, podcasts might be your sweet spot.

What’s desirable about podcasts is they don’t take any extra time to learn and grow. Unlike reading, you can listen to podcasts on the go and while doing other things). And if you listen to the right ones (examples are listed below) you’ll always gain a new insight or tip that can help you find yourself.


Pro tip: Listen to podcast episodes at 1.5x speed to still understand what’s being discussed while also taking less time.


I have three favorite podcasts I listen to that are great for working moms. Feel free to start here:


Goal Digger

Click here to listen to or subscribe to the Goal Digger podcast


Jenna Kutcher is someone I’ve been following for a while now (she’s the one who inspired me to try the Primally Pure all-natural skincare line (you can read more about that here). Jenna’s story is a fun one because she started as a novice photographer and, since then, has literally grown an empire. 

Her podcast has a lot about starting and building your own business (great for working moms with an interest in entrepreneurship), but she also has many episodes focused on personal development and building a growth mindset. You may need to sift through to find the right episodes for you, but once you do you’ll definitely be inspired and ready to take action.


The Ed Mylett Show

Click here to listen or subscribe to the Ed Mylett Show


There’s just something about Ed Mylett. He’s this massively ripped man but is such a teddy bear at the same time. He’s known to cry on his show (which makes me like him even more) because he gets so deep and inspiring. You can tell he’s incredibly grateful for his success and understands how important it is that he passes his wisdom along to his community of listeners. 

Ed has equally impressive guests on his show, so you’re not always just listening to him. The conversations he has always take life to a whole new level and motivate me to take action.


Manifestation Babe

Click here to listen or subscribe to the Manifestation Babe podcast


Manifestation Babe host, Kathrin Zenkina, talks about the importance of doing the inner work when you’re on a personal development journey. And let’s face it—that’s a must if you truly want to work on finding clarity in your work and life. Change doesn’t come by wishing or hoping, but by taking, “inspired action” as Kathrin says. Every time I listen to one of her podcast episodes I’m motivated to dig deep and do the inner work. She gives practical ways to make real changes.

Plus, if you have any desire to bring more money into your life, Kathrin is the one to listen to. She’s accomplished so much in just a few years (like, building a multi-million dollar business).


Other personal development podcasts for working moms worth listening to

While the ones above are my go-to choices, they may not be for you. Check out the list below and begin with a title that speaks to you.

Do it Scared with Ruth Soukup

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Enneagram & Coffee

Women Wanting More

Cleaning up the Mental Mess with Dr. Caroline Leaf

Inspirational Living


The first step to beginning a personal development journey is to just get started. Say yes! Jump aboard. Take a small step or action and go for it. You deserve it.


Do you have a personal development podcast for working moms that you love? Leave a note in the comments or send one to me directly.



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