5 quick and easy self-care ideas for working moms

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5 cost-efficient ways to pamper yourself at home

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This post will benefit you if you’re wondering how you can easily take care of yourself at home as a busy working mom.




If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that working moms don’t spend enough time I’m themselves. But that’s no surprise to you. When is the last time you slowed down to enjoy your shower? When you don’t have much time or extra money to spend getting a massage or pedicure at the spa, it’s time to get a little creative. Your home can actually be your own retreat if you allow it to be. 

Whether or not you believe me, you deserve to be pampered. Lucky for you, there are some quick and easy ways to do just that right from home. So, when you get finished with work, the kids are in bed, and you’re wondering what’s next, take a deep breath. It’s time to pick from our list of self-care ideas (and products) especially for working moms so you can finally take care of yourself.

To be fair, none of these ideas are things you haven’t don’t before. So, why share them? I’ve found that when you use quality products and take your time as you go through the pampering process, self-care becomes automatic and stress relieving.



I admit, sometimes I love washing my hair while other times I hate it. I dread the time it will take to dry my hair. But I realized a few years ago how luxurious washing your hair can feel. It doesn’t have to be an experience you only look forward to during a hair cut. Use hair washing as one of your easiest self-care ideas, Mom!

Speaking of hair cuts, I was introduced to my favorite shampoo and conditioner by my hairdresser a few years ago. I remember laying back in the chair while Amanda massaged my head. Don’t you love that part? I started breathing in this luscious smell. It was coming from the Kenra products she was using. 

I purchased the shampoo and conditioner on Amazon when I got home and have been using them ever since. Now, washing my hair is one of the go-to ways I take care of myself as a working mom. It truly feels like a spa experience.

Kenra Platinum Revive Shampoo and Conditioner Set





If I’m being honest, if I was feeling exhausted I didn’t always wash my face before bed. Then, I found the best skincare products for my face and everything changed. Not only do I never go to bed without using them, but now cleansing my face is actually a spa-like experience. Talk about one of the best (and easiest) self-care ideas for working moms!

A few years ago I got hooked on an all-natural skincare company called Primally Pure. Their products are full of organic ingredients I can actually pronounce. I feel great about putting them on my skin and notice a huge difference in the look and feel of my face. I even wrote an article for Primally Pure about my experience starting with more natural products.

If you’re wondering how to take care of yourself as a mom, check out Primally Pure now and get 10% off your first order with code: MINDSET10. Yes, I love them so much I am now a partner of theirs!


Primally Pure




I use three products on my face each night: 


Cleansing Oil

I start with their Cleansing Oil. I use the one for normal skin, but Primally Pure has options for dry and oily skin as well. I use their recommended cleansing method, spending about a minute massaging oil onto my dry face and then taking a hot washcloth and wipe the oil off. The heat from the washcloth makes me feel like I’m at a spa for a few seconds. Keep in mind that it may take a few weeks for your skin to get used to the oil cleansing method. Be patient!


Complexion Mist

Next, I use Primally Pure’s Lavender Complexion Mist. I spray it five times on my face and neck. It gives me a boost while hydrating and toning my skin. It’s great for irritated or inflamed skin. In the morning, this is actually all I use! I splash my face with cold water, dry it off, and then spray the Complexion Mist five times. That’s it!


Beauty Cream

Finally, I use the Palmarosa + Mint Beauty Cream. It’s more like a balm and serves as a fantastic moisturizer. This “cream” almost feels like a silk mask as it’s applied. Primally Pure’s Beauty Cream is known to help with fine lines and aging, and I’ve noticed the circles and bags under my eyes have been reduced since using it.




For Mother’s Day, with the help of my sister-in-law, my husband got me some luxurious soaps and lotions from Beekman 1802. They’re a New England based company known for its goat milk products. I hadn’t heard of them, but when I started using their products, I was hooked. Once again, this is another easy self-care idea for working moms that you can use every single day!

Beekman 1802


Goat Milk Soap

I’ll admit, I’m more of a body wash kind of gal. But when my husband got me the Beekman bar soap, I figured I needed to try it. I was amazed by what changing up my body washing routine did for my skin. It was quickly moisturized and smelled delicious. I didn’t even miss my regular body wash. 



Whipped Body Cream

Beekman 1802 also has a goat’s milk body cream that came with my set. I use it on my arms after the shower, and it’s helped with dry skin, especially on my elbows. You don’t have to use that much of it, and this particular one is fragrance-free (which I know is a plus for a lot of people).



If I don’t use a moisturizer after shaving, my legs get itchy! But I don’t enjoy rubbing lotion all over my legs and waiting for it to dry. That’s why one of my favorite self-care products is Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. You apply it as soon as you turn the water off, leaving it to absorb into your skin. Part of being able to actually practice self-care as moms is having things that make us feel good but don’t take long. This is a product that checks both boxes.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer





Oh, my poor feet. I was not blessed with pretty heels and toes. Honestly, I didn’t like to get pedicures before because I was embarrassed about my feet. I tried every product under the sun and somehow landed on the Naturalico Callus Remover and Shaver. And for once in my life, I have “normal” feet. 

This product is gold to me. I stand in the shower (without the water on) and use it to file my feet down in all those callused, ugly spots. After I finish my own little pedicure I apply either O’Keeffe’s for Healthy Feet or Vaseline and cover my feet with socks. This self-care idea is important to me because now I can walk around barefoot and not feel self-conscious.


Naturalico Electric Callus Remover and Shaver



Now that you have the five ways that I turn my bathroom into a spa let me make an important point. Every once in a while, you should treat yourself to a real day at a spa if you can. All working moms deserve to be pampered. You’re no exception!


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