What I learned about starting my own business as a new mom

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What I learned about starting my own business as a new mom

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This post will benefit you if you need motivation and inspiration to take a leap and start your own business because you don't believe the timing is right.



I’ve written previously about why I started my own business. As I had a chance to further reflect I realized when I started my business has a lot to do with my success as a working mom and entrepreneur. 

The itch to become an entrepreneur was always there, but it seemed to become more apparent when my son was born. I knew I wanted to continue working, but the motivation to start my own business, create my own income, and set the hours I wanted was stronger than ever. 

Most women might think it’s crazy to start a business from scratch with an infant. For me, doing so opened the opportunity to maintain my own sense of self rather than being defined only as a “working mom”. I was able to have something that gave me purpose. When motherhood felt hard, I knew my business was there for me. 

Here’s the problem with our world today. Women often dream of having a family, but once it happens mom-guilt immediately sets in when they choose to do anything for themselves. I remember being saddened when I was at a check-up during my second pregnancy and the nurse mentioned how guilty she felt for buying an $80 bag—actually, diaper bag—for herself. She admitted as soon as she swiped her card the “mom guilt” set in. 

Sure, you are a mom and you may work, but both are roles you play. “Working Mom” doesn’t have to define you or serve as your only identity. Just because you are raising babies, toddlers, or teens doesn’t mean you become obsolete as a person. 

As I go further down this path of personal development and self-discovery I’m grateful I took a risk and chose to start my own business even when I was scared. If starting your own business has been on your mind I encourage you to create a plan and go for it. You, and your family, will be better for it. 

I write this to give you that motivation to start your own business that you may need. Even taking one small step each day is progress. You’ll quickly feel inspired and do more. 

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I can promise there will never be a “perfect” time to start your own business. Our minds are wired to think of all the risks rather than rewards. Most working moms will continue to find excuse after excuse to not get started. What will you do?

So, go for it (whatever “it” might be). Take action on the thing that seems crazy to everyone else. And if you’re second-guessing your choice just imagine what life could be like a year from now if you choose to do something for yourself today. 



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