6 reasons to give your home office a makeover and feel inspired working from home

home office working from home inspiration Dec 01, 2020
Inspiring home office makeover

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This post will benefit you if your home office needs an upgrade but you have no idea where to start (or why you’re feeling so drab while working from home).



We asked Ashley, co-founder of the virtual interior design firm, City & Shiplap to talk all things workspace. She’s sharing her top reasons why a home office that inspires you (and makes you happy to be at work) is so important. If your home office is desperate for a facelift, visit Ash and her co-founder cousin, Jess, virtually and receive 15% off your first room redesign with code MINDSETMAMAS15.

Hi, y’all!  I’m Ash!  My cousin Jess and I founded City & Shiplap - a virtual interior design house.  That means we design all the things remotely/virtually/digitally for YOU! We have made interior design approachable, affordable, and most importantly fast, fun, and easy! Additionally, Ash owns a workspace design firm in San Francisco, so teaching you about home offices and how to upgrade them is our JAM!



It can be hard to get into the groove when you’re working from home. You wouldn’t believe how much it helps to have a home office that drives creativity. At the end of the day, if you can take your style and easily transform your workspace, work won’t feel so much like work anymore. Here’s just the work from home inspiration you need!

Let’s start with the basics. Space is important.  It’s as simple as that.  Where we spend our time affects what we do—and how we do it.  We believe the home office environment is key to being your most productive and happiest self.  

Here are the top 6 reasons it’s time to give your home office a makeover and feels more inspired working from home.


1. Feng shui sweet

It’s a fact that people like things in order.  When there is order,  energy can flow.  Do this by purging the area and decorating the walls of your home office. Add plants, hide your wires, and close off the storage space.  Remember that everything needs a place.  Put it there and keep it there. I promise you’ll feel so much better and inspired while working from home.


2. Productive people

Functional spaces provide workflow which means your productivity while working from home can flourish.  But what do you really need from your home office to be productive? Maybe it’s a printer, good lighting, ergonomic chair, or wobble board. Or, does a good keyboard, essential oil diffusers, and pictures of your kids make you feel better at work? Identify your functional VIPs first and get them into your home office ASAP. If you don’t have what you need, you will never feel inspired (or productive) when working from home.


3. Joy upon joy

Happy people thrive.  And happy spaces inspire people to do better work.  When you have what you need in order and functioning well, not only will you be more productive, but you will also feel happier.  Whether you’re creative or more analytical, feeling inspired when you’re working from home will make those long hours bearable. You may even feel happy to jump on that early morning Zoom call (and show off your home office)!.  It’s worth making your space an inviting and peaceful sanctuary to look forward to. 



4. Dress to impress

Whether you are client or team facing, get dressed.  Even if you won’t see anyone that day, get up, get dressed, and act as if you are heading to the office.  With a home office that fits you and makes you feel inspired when working from home, you can’t help but feel good mentally and physically. Match that vibe by putting clothes on, fixing your hair, and maybe even dabbing a little gloss on those lips. Take pride in how you look and feel and it will be directly reflected in your energy levels. Every morning, I long to roll back into bed and work from my pillow stack BUT putting my jeans on makes a difference. Set up yourself and set up your workspace. Showcase your uniqueness through your wardrobe and home office.  Buy the throw pillows that make you feel good and the plants that add the flare.


5. Switch the sitch

Try your best to shift those thoughts when you step into your home office each day. We know it’s different and different can be hard. But find a nook, closet, corner, or room and make it your spot. A home office doesn’t have to be a “traditional” office. But you do need your space. Embrace the joy that you feel in there by lighting a candle, adding a fuzzy blanket, or even working from the sherpa chair of your choice. Get up, log in, and show up.



6. Move to prove

If you want to rock your role, then walk or roll. Take a break, jump on foot, or grab a bike. Set a timer to remind yourself to move and groove every once in a while. While being in your home office—whatever that may look like—is important, getting out of it is, too. Keep that blood pumping by taking a quick walk around the block or taking calls on your feet. It will change your day.



Work it. Own it. Build it. Get in touch with us for more home office inspiration. We would love to help you design your dream space and get 15% (use code: MINDSETMAMAS15) for being part of the Mindset Mamas’ community!



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