Embracing this new perspective will help you get through hard times

difficult situations get through hardtimes Apr 13, 2021
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This post will benefit you if you’re struggling to get through a hard time and can’t understand why difficult situations keep coming your way.


There are times when life just seems hard. Let me take that back…there are times when life simply is hard. How about all of 2020? It left so many people wondering how they could continue taking steps forward when every day felt like a major step back. Why is this happening to us? we asked.



But we’ve learned throughout the last year that even though terrible things have happened in the world, some good has come out of it. So, I challenge you to think differently for a moment—not just about this last year but other times as well. When it comes to your work, relationships, parenting, illness, etc. could it be that difficult situations sometimes happen for us rather than to us?

Think of one of those difficult situations you’ve had to manage recently. When all the dust settled, was there any good that came from it? Did you learn a lesson? Did you grow? Did it change you for the better? And if your answer is an absolute no, do yourself a favor and dig a little deeper. I bet you can find something in that particular situation and flip the script to realize it may have happened for instead of to you. Maybe, in order to become stronger, you needed to experience something not so great?

What if you tried to find just one positive that came out of such a negative time in your life? Without discounting the pain you experienced, think about what you gained from it. Maybe it was a new outlook, appreciation, or desire. Find anything that can help you better understand and get through a hard time.

Ok, feel free to take a minute and roll your eyes at me. I can take it! I fully realize what I’m sharing with you is an annoying reality. But it’s one we can learn from and makes the not-so-good actually tolerable. Because, after all, we always come out on the other side.

Honestly, accepting this perspective makes life so much more manageable. We stop blaming everyone and everything around us and start looking for glimpses of meaning behind why we’ve had to go through hard times. Miserable feelings turn into hopeful ones and we start to believe we can tackle the next rough wave...because we CAN.

And you know as well as I do that this won’t be the last time one of these waves shows up on your doorstep. But hopefully this time you’ll be a little more prepared and understand that the challenge is happening for you. Find the meaning and lesson in it and ride the wave to the other side.

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