Here’s how to be a fun mom and actually have fun at the same time

connect with your kids fun mom Feb 12, 2020
Mom doing pushups with daughter

Finding fun activities to help you connect with your kids is easier than you think


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Experiencing tremendous joy is typically an every once in a while occurrence. But I’ve found a way to have it every single day!

It isn’t going for a massage or eating my favorite dessert.


It’s playing with my son.


Let me explain. I’m not one of those moms who loves playing with her kids 24/7. While they are most certainly the loves of my life, I always say I’m a better working mom than stay-at-home. Most days I need a healthy dose of “me” time. So, to say I feel ‘tremendous joy’ while playing is a big deal.

(Major props to all the moms out there who have already figured out how to have more fun with your kids and be a fun mom!)

What brings me true happiness, though, isn’t just sitting on the floor putting a puzzle together or playing trucks with Owen. It’s something that connects us on a deeper level.


Common interests help you connect with your kids

I was a gymnast growing up and have coached off and on most of my adult life. My favorite group to teach has always been toddlers. They get so excited and allow their imagination to soar without thinking twice or being embarrassed about it.

At my son, Owen’s (2.5), daycare a program called Stretch-n-Grow comes in once per week to work on physical fitness with the kids. Owen loves it so we started doing some of our own “Strech-n-Grow” after he got home. I always really enjoyed this “playtime” with him because I could see how much joy it brought him to do this activity with mom. Deep down, I really enjoyed it, too—however, I never realized how much until recently.

While finishing up a 5-minute meditation about inner peace on my favorite Peloton app the other day, the instructor suggested we try the meditation with our kids. It immediately made me think about playing Stretch-n-Grow with Owen. When I got home from the gym I asked him if he wanted to and, of course, he got a huge smile on his face. He instantly dropped everything he was doing and we got to stretching, jumping, moving around and being creative!

Because of my gymnastics background, I know a lot of creative ways to make exercise fun. 

  • We stretched way up tall to the sky and pretended we were crayons (he got to pick the color) 
  • We sat in a straddle position and stretched as we made a pizza together
  • We acted like a frog while he jumped around the kitchen
  • We flapped our wings (legs) like butterflies

I was having a blast and so was he. While our entire Stretch-n-Grow fun lasted only about 10 minutes, we connected in a way that we wouldn’t have if we were playing something different.


Learn how to have more fun with your kids

I assume there are a lot of moms who struggle to play with their kids—to be the fun mom. If you’re like me there are times where you are literally telling yourself to stop checking email and start playing. I have no shame in saying it out loud for you!

There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t always enjoy playing dress-up or trains. I don’t prefer coloring with Owen because he always asks me to draw an airplane, digger, helicopter, or bus. And I’m not exaggerating when I say my drawing skills are at about the same level as my 2.5-year-old son. It doesn’t make me feel good to look at my finished airplane that looks like a mix between the Good Year blimp and a bow and arrow (seriously). 

The secret to having more fun with your kids is to find activities that you both enjoy.

It makes total sense, right? Yet, we find ourselves struggling to get through playing with cars for the 98th time. Let me be very clear—this is not about discouraging your kids to play with certain toys or use their imagination. I’m also not advocating that you live vicariously through your children because you didn’t get to fulfill your dream to be an Olympian.

I’m encouraging you to find activities that excite both of you, and then let your giddiness shine through. 

If art if your thing, paint pictures together and frame them.

If baseball gets you all jazzed up, get outside and start throwing the ball around.

If music is your love language, practice songs together.


There are a million ways to have your kids experience your joy with you. And there’s literally nothing better than glancing over at your child and seeing a genuine smile on his face while you’re having the time of your life.

I would love to hear about your favorite activities to do with your kids. Please send me a note directly




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