This cover letter example will push you to the top of the candidate list

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This cover letter example will push you to the top of the candidate list

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This post will benefit you if you’re considering a career change but the thought of writing cover letters makes you want to cringe.



Cover letters are pesky beasts. Even though sometimes they aren’t even read by recruiters and hiring managers, most job applications still require them. And while writing a cover letter may be the number one thing you hate to do as you create your career plan, you never know who might actually look at it.

If you do a search in Google for “cover letter templates” or “cover letter examples” you’ll find much of the same thing—boring words on a page that make the reader’s eyes gloss over. But with many candidates unsure how to write a cover letter that will actually open a hiring manager’s eyes, those samples continue to be their go-to resource.

With their endless qualifications and characteristics, moms should be at the top of the candidate list for many job openings. Instead, they often remain hidden because no one ever taught them how to write a cover letter (and resumé) with a spark. When you’re trying your best to build confidence in your job search, this only makes you fall flat.

It’s time to change up the cover letter game and help working moms put impressive, welcoming, and fun statements into the job search world. 


Cover letter template and example

    1. Subject: Make it stand out in the inbox and concisely say how YOU will help them
    2. Opening paragraph: Make it all about THEM. The majority of people start a cover letter talking about themselves. Yours will pop when you genuinely compliment the company, team, or person. Even three minutes of research will help you find something that excites you or connects you to the people you’re writing to. Also, tell them why you were really excited when you learned about their open position.
    3. Middle paragraph: State your intention. If you’re interested in apply for the job, say that in one quick sentence. Make it clear why you’re writing. Then, explain in one to two sentences why YOU’RE the one that can make the best impact. Finally, add relatable companies, services, products, tools, etc. that you’ve worked with that will help you in this role.
    4. Closing paragraph: Pick your top differentiators that not everyone can use and briefly list them. Tell how they make you the best fit for the job.
    5. Final line: If it makes sense, add a line that says “You can find links to my work/projects/portfolio/whatever else that’s appropriate below.”
    6. Sign-off: Be friendly as you say thank you.
    7. Add links: Add appropriate links if applicable (that you mentioned above).


A cover letter example that works

This is the exact cover letter that landed me a contract copywriting position at a very well known SaaS (Software as a Service) company. They had a position posted all over the normal job boards and rather than applying I sent a cold email to the Vice President of Marketing.


Subject: Special Delivery: Detailed storytelling Content Writer that will boost sales!

Hi Don!

My lifesaver? Yep, that's you and your team. Without [Company] my life would seem chaotic...instead, pure calm (most of the time). I was thrilled when I saw you're looking for a Content Writer because I simply love [Company. If you're in need of a team member who will take the topic of all things project management and make hitting the "buy" button irresistible, stop your Content Writer search immediately.

I would love to chat more about the role if it's still open. As a sales leader + copywriting pro with a unique storytelling ability that connects customers with companies every single time, my words produce a profit while forming unique emotional connections. I've worked with XX, XX and XX,  just to name a few companies.

You won't find a more creative, out of the box thinker, driven to impact sales while meeting deadlines and over-delivering on every project I submit. Since I have a love and respect for anything that makes my life easier, and you are doing just that, I think we may have a match made in content heaven!

Below, you'll find a few samples of my work.

Let's chat!


**I then linked three examples of copywriting pieces I had done


The cover letter tip that will make you shine

So, what happens if you spend the time to put together a badass cover letter only to realize it’s not being read? Repurpose it by finding the hiring manager or recruiter and emailing the cover letter to them directly. You can use a cool tool like to find email addresses. Put the letter in the body of the email (not as an attachment).

Here’s why this email will make you stand out:

  • You’ve taken way more initiative than other candidates
  • They see your authenticity and how you present yourself
  • They see your creative side
  • They know you’ll always go the extra mile from the start


A few more cover letter tips

  • Writing your cover letter can be a great self-discovery activity. Having to talk about your biggest strengths in just a few sentences will help you realize your top assets and give you clarity on how you want to use them moving forward.
  • Make your cover letter friendly. People like people they can engage with. And if someone doesn’t like your approach, do you really want to be working with them anyway?
  • Make the cover letter as concise as possible. Be impactful without going into too much detail.
  • Get excited as you write and send it. Your energy will come through in the letter itself.
  • If you just can’t seem to get it right, hire someone to help you. Consider it the self-care you need to get to your next career step.

The magic happens when a company can trust you before ever having a conversation. This is absolutely possible to do—even through a cover letter.



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